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Company Profile

Your Trusted Name in the Maritime Industry
Although founded in 2021, QL Ship Management Trading LTD boasts an expert team with over 15 years of experience in the maritime industry. Based in Istanbul, our company provides a range of critical services in ship management and trading. Adapting to the complexity and dynamics of the maritime world, we offer our customers customized, innovative, and high-quality solutions.
Our Vision
At QL Ship Management Trading LTD, we carry the vision of being a company that promotes excellence in the maritime sector and consistently ensures customer satisfaction. We operate with a commitment to reliability, transparency, and professionalism, adhering to the principles of trustworthiness and compliance with maritime regulations. We continue to create value for our customers.
Our Services
Our comprehensive services offered by QL Ship Management Trading LTD cover all areas required in the maritime sector. Some key services we offer to our clients include:
Ship Management: We provide ship owners with all the necessary services to effectively and safely manage their vessels, striving to ensure full compliance with maritime regulations.
Technical Ship Management: Our team of technical experts manages maintenance, repairs, and improvements of vessels to enhance the fleet's performance at sea.
Crew Management: The ship's crew plays a central role in maritime operations. We offer support at every step, from the recruitment of experienced mariners to their training and efficient management.
Shipyard Representation: Acting as trusted representatives during shipyard activities, our experienced team ensures assurance and monitors quality and timelines.
HSEQ and Pre-Vetting Inspection: Specializing in health, safety, environmental, and quality management, we guarantee strict compliance through pre-vetting inspections.
Ship Condition and Pre-Purchase Inspection: Our detailed inspections provide valuable information about the condition and history of vessels, aiding our clients in making informed decisions.
Trading and Commercial Services: Supporting commercial activities such as chartering, brokerage, and other trade-related services, we unlock the full commercial potential of your business.
Consulting and Advisory: Leveraging the knowledge of maritime experts, we help improve operational efficiency and strategic decision-making processes.
Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complexity of maritime regulations can be challenging; that's why we are here to keep your ships and operations fully compliant.
Digital Solutions: Embracing the digital age, we offer innovative solutions that optimize operations, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency.
Each of our services not only meets industry standards but also sets new benchmarks, reflecting our commitment to adding value to our customers. Whether you are a shipowner, charterer, or investor, our services are carefully designed to effectively support your maritime endeavors.
Why QL Ship Management Trading LTD?
The reasons for QL Ship Management Trading LTD becoming a preferred choice in the maritime sector are clear:
Experience and Expertise: Managed by a team with over 15 years of experience, we can adapt each of our services to meet the sector's requirements.
Customer-Centric: We are committed to creating value for our customers and delivering solutions tailored to their needs. Your success is our success.
Sustainability and Responsibility: We are dedicated to promoting sustainability in the maritime sector and fulfilling our environmental responsibilities. We work towards greener and more ethical maritime practices.
Looking to the Future: We keep a close eye on technology and innovations, ensuring we can provide our customers with the latest solutions to gain a competitive edge.
QL Ship Management Trading LTD takes pride in serving its customers with a strong maritime heritage and a forward-looking perspective towards the future. Join us to guide your maritime projects with confidence in the hands of experts.